Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ave, sodales!


This blog will be the home of an online Ars Magica 5th Edition Saga.

Don't know what Ars Magica is? It's a role-playing game set in a mythic 13th century Europe where the legends and fairy tales are real.

Under the guidance of myself and probably another person, a group of people will create and play characters that interact with this world, build their community (called a Covenant), develop their skills, live their lives, and hopefully all have fun in the process.

A note: only players and storyguides will be allowed to post here, and moderation will be enabled. Posts by non-players will be deleted. However non-players are welcome to read and follow along on the adventures of this still unamed covenant and its wizards, companions, and other inhabitants.

Oh yes, and who is Argentius? He was my first Ars Magica magus, who went a bit loopy as he aged, hooked up with a mouthy badger familiar, and yet always had a silver-tongue, a flattering way with the fae, and apparently was the only mage who appeased the powers on the Isle of Man so as not to be destroyed or chased away when he retired there--at least the storyguide in that saga never made him leave and never killed him off. :)

PS. pardon my Latin. I'm sure that rather than saying "The Sanctum of Argentius" it says something crude and obscene. Sorry. :)

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